360 TOUR... Navigation Guide
Navigate through Virtual Tours just like Google Streetview
  • Use the Carousel at the bottom to move between different locations
  • Click and hold mouse button, then move around from your current location
  • Follow the arrows on the floor to walk through the space
  • Roll your mouse wheel back and forth to zoom in and out
  • Click on hot spots in the main window to open multi-media content
  • Use arrow keys to navigate like a simple video game
Crossroads - Chili's

5707 Southfield Road
Detroit, MI 48228

  • A fun,neighborhood place to eat, drink, hang out and laugh with friends replica bags
  • The sizzling Fajitas capture your attention and appetite from the kitchen to your table. The Big Mouth Burgers are monuments full of flavor. There's also our yummy desserts as well as the Guiltless Grill featuring unique lower-fat dishes
  • The famous Chili's Awesome Blossom. A fresh whole onion sliced into a "blossom", then deep-fried and served crispy-crunchy and steaming hot

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